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In order for your computer to recognize the USB Token and consequently the digital signature certificates, it is necessary to install the corresponding software.

Each type of USB Token is only compatible with the respective software.



SafeNet Authentication Client - SAC (For the Safenet-Gemalto MD940 USB Token)

You can download the software at the link below:

Download SAC for MD940


SafeNet Authentication Client - SAC (For the Safenet-Gemalto MD840 USB Token)

The following table lists the software links and instructions for the respective operating system.


Download SAC for Windows Instructions

Download SAC for macOS Catalina

Download SAC for older macOS versionsS


Download SAC for Linux Instructions



Gemalto Classic Client (For the Gemalto IDClassic 340 USB Token)

The following link contains the software for all versions of operating systems as well as basic installation instructions.

Download Classic Client


Workstation configuration (ERMIS instructions)

To obtain a digital signature, it is required to configure the workstation based on the instructions of the HERMES Portal (Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance). Follow the instructions in the following links:

Workstation configuration

Signature via JSignPdf

Caution! To get the signature, you need Windows 7 operating system with Internet Explorer 8 to 10. Then you can configure and sign from a newer computer.